ELI-Lang offers you the following services:


language pairs: PL-EN, EN-PL. Main fields: construction, design, economy, environmental protection, horse breeding and riding, law, medicine and pharmacy, OHS, photography. I also translate advertisements, manuals and various popular general-purpose texts. I am open to new challenges and customer needs. I use professional tools: Trados (the leading CAT) and ABBYY FineReader (OCR software).


language pairs: PL-EN, EN-PL. It compares the translated text with the source text to check translation correctness. This ensures that subject matter mistakes such as inappropriate terminology, wrong numbers, misspelled proper names or omissions are eliminated. Verification prevents the sad consequences of using an incorrect construction term in a design, putting a wrong drug dose on a prescription or skipping a clause in a contract.


languages: EN, PL. It checks the grammatical and stylistic correctness of a text. This concerns both original texts and translations (e.g. a speech to be given or an advertisement awaiting publication). Texts refined and perfected this way have higher communicative and marketing effectiveness, helping their authors achieve the planned goals.

Writing texts

languages: EN, PL. It is a creative service which consists in writing a text that the customer needs (e.g. a company description to be published online, an advertisement of a new product or an article abstract) based on provided reference materials. My extensive linguistic experience combined with appropriate knowledge allows me to prepare a text that will meet your needs.

*This service does not include writing school essays or university dissertations.