Service Normal mode Express mode
Translation: PL-EN or EN-PL PLN 30.00 PLN 40.00
Verification: PL-EN or EN-PL PLN 15.00 PLN 20.00
Proofreading: PL-EN or EN-PL PLN 11.00 PLN 15.00
Writing a text: PL individual pricing
Writing a text: EN individual pricing

The prices do not include VAT (the company is not a VAT payer).

The prices concern one standard page (1800 characters including spaces). The services can also be priced according to word number (1 standard page = 250 words).

The express mode concerns orders to be delivered:

  • the day they are accepted
  • the next day as well as Friday orders with a Monday deadline if this is required by text volume and/or the time of placing the order.